Take the frame stage as an example, the types of stage lighting are: surface light, ear light, top light, column light, side light 1 (bridge light, hanging cage), side light 2 (high flow, low flow), backlight, sky light (World row), foot light.

1.Quasi-surface light

Installed on top of the stage curtain, the lights on the top of the audience hall are divided into one, two, and three lanes. Behind the surface of the building, surface lights and spotlights in the center also have similar effects. The device and its uses are mainly directed to the front stage performance area (such as 8-10m behind the curtain line) for modeling or forming a three-dimensional effect of objects on the stage. With lamps: spotlights, back light;

2.Side light

Lights on both sides of the auditorium upstairs in the theater, #light from the two sides to the stage performance area Device and use: To make up and fill the ceiling light with the light: the same surface light; slap: Distributed in the ears, mounted on the left and right sides of the stage screen near the mouth of the stage , the light cast from the side to the stage performance area. The device and its use are similar to those of the surface light. It is crossed to the right and left and is used to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the stage scenery, props and characters. With lamps: spotlights, back lights;

The classification of lamps position and function explanation of Stage Lighting

3.Top light

The lamps at the top of the stage are generally mounted on a hanger that can be raised and lowered. They are mainly used for lighting in the backstage of the stage. They are: one top, two tops, three tops, and four tops; The device and its use are projected onto the stage in the post-performance area and are mainly used where there is a need for strong lighting from the upper part. Equipped with lamps: spotlights, back light, diffuse light;

4.Column light

Installed on the inside of the stage counterfeit stage, the light from the inside of the stage mouth to the performance area can be divided into one column of light and two columns of light. Also called the inner ear. The device and its use is to make up for the lack of surface light and slap. Equipped with lamps: low-power condenser, soft light fixtures;

5.Foot light

On the inside of the stage's labyrinth, diagonally shoots the actor and the curtain. With the use of lamps: spotlights; devices and uses: to make up the surface light too steep, eliminating the shadow in front of the actor, when the closing curtain, change the color of the curtain.


On both sides of the stage flyover, from both sides of the high-altitude shot to the stage, can be divided into one side light, two sides light, three sides light, also known as bridge light. With lamps: spotlights; Device and use: Illuminate the actor's facial auxiliary lighting and enhance the setting level.

7.Sky light

Installed in the upper front of the sky, it is designed to light the skylight. With the use of lamps: astigmatism, floodlights; devices and uses : for the sky scenery, usually 2-6m from the sky, changing the sky color and background, divided into a row, two rows, three rows.

8.Drain light

Below the canopy, live special rows of ditches and shoot backlight against the sky. With the use of lamps: astigmatism, floodlights; devices and uses: At least 1-2m from the sky, used for the performance of horizon, horizon line, mountain sunrise and other special effects;

9.Flowing light

Light fixtures on both sides of the stage that can flow at any time. Equipped with luminairies: spotlight, light return, soft light, device and use: Strengthen the atmosphere, the angle can be temporarily transferred, the lamps is about 2m high, and the general power is larger. Illuminate the actors from the side

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